BIPP: > 20 million supplier managed & buyer validated articles & prices
BIPP: Easier compliance with public procurement obligations
BIPP: Integrated pro-active prevention of incoming risks through the purchasing process
BIPP: Multi-entity  supply management & contract compliance
BIPP: Your complete personalized and online Catalogue Library
BIPP: Continued supplier integration, even after a supplier switch
BIPP: Europe's leading marketplace for e-Sourcing within Life Sciences and Chemistry
BIPP: > 25.000 users over > 500 lab-entities
BIPP:  Multi-catalogue  searching
BIPP: Assuring central control on decentralized purchasing
BIPP: Buyer driven  multi-catalogue marketplace
BIPP: Life Science specific legal compliance with EU directives
BIPP:  Life Science specific  supply management & workflow


Implementation of BIPP is a matter of weeks instead of months, depending on the complexity.

Our experienced, well-trained BIPP Support Technicians are focused on customer (suppliers & end users/clients) and partner satisfaction and are available to answer questions about the application and technical operation of your BIPP implementation.

The BIPP team’s in-depth product knowledge, experience and skill level ensure successful implementations and ongoing BIPP success as well as the resolution of technical issues before they impact your business.

Implementation means:

  • Supporting the onboarding of the invited suppliers in your personalized catalogue library online
  • Importing the necessary parameters to install and support your personalized workflow and e-Procurement process
  • Tailoring our solution to your unique needs
  • Activating the desired modules & functionalities: BIPP is modular, so only take a membership on the functionalities and modules which are complementary to your existing solutions
  • Real time integration with your ERP system when applicable
  • BIPP can be implemented with your company specific information by utilizing master data files pulled from your ERP system infrastructure.  Master data synchronization keeps your purchase cycle information harmonized with your ERP system.